On bSocial, the "Booster" feature allows viewers to provide financial support to their favorite creators by enhancing the visibility of their content on the platform. This support helps increase a creator's exposure, potentially attracting more viewers and subscribers, without directly labeling it as a donation. Boosters allow fans to actively engage in promoting content they value, fostering a stronger community connection and helping creators gain the recognition they deserve.
On bSocial, creators can establish a subscriber-only model where they share exclusive videos, "Buzz clips" (short videos), and photos with their subscribers. This allows creators to build a dedicated audience while providing unique content that isn't available to non-subscribers. Subscribers benefit from exclusive access to this content, creating a more intimate and rewarding experience. This approach not only helps creators generate a consistent revenue stream but also enhances viewer loyalty by offering content tailored to subscriber preferences.
Sending Cash Drops to all communities! Exact Locations are posted on - https://bsocial.buzz/@CashDropbSocialBuZz
Participants must be at least 13 years old. Those under 12 years of age at the start of the voting period need parental consent. The contest is open globally, except in locations where it is prohibited by law.

How to Enter:
To enter, upload your video to bSocial and categorize it under "VOTE TO WIN". Ensure the video includes royalty-free music from the provided link. Proper categorization and music usage are mandatory for valid entries.

Voting and Winning:
The video receiving the most likes wins, with each like counting as a vote. Contestants are encouraged to promote their videos to gain likes. The contest resets every 30 days, and the winner receives $150 USD via PayPal.

Prize Claim:
Winners will be contacted through email and bSocial messenger and must provide a PayPal email to claim their prize.

Terms and Conditions:
By participating, entrants agree to these terms and grant bSocial rights to use their videos for promotional purposes without additional compensation. Entries must comply with the contest rules; non-compliant entries will be disqualified. bSocial is not liable for any issues related to entry submissions or prize claims.

Privacy Policy:
Participant information is used solely for contest administration and prize distribution, unless consent is given for further promotional contact.
bSocial BuZZ is a video sharing platform that allows users to upload, share, and view videos. It offers a range of features designed to enhance the video sharing and viewing experience.
To sign up, visit our registration page and follow the prompts. Once registered, you can start uploading and sharing videos immediately.
bSocial BuZZ emphasizes community building and offers unique features like the Mass Notification tool. Additionally, our platform prioritizes user privacy and data security.
To monetize your content, you must submit an ID, name, email, and complete a Stripe form. Once approved, you can start earning from your content. Not all profiles will be approved for monetization, and bSocial reserves the right to approve or deny any user.
bSocial BuZZ has a strict no-refund policy. Users choose to add funds to their wallets or subscribe to channels at their own discretion. For detailed information, visit our Refund Policy.
User privacy is paramount at bSocial BuZZ. We employ various technologies and procedures to protect personal information. For a comprehensive overview, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
For any further queries or concerns, please contact us at admin@bSocial.buzz.