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Valeria Andrade
162 Views · 5 months ago

ok , me pase , sin miedo al éxito 😂😂

Valeria Andrade
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Buena noche , ya duermanse 😘

Valeria Andrade
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Valeria Andrade
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my music

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‘Mercury – Acts 1 & 2’ is out now

Imagine Dragons - Bones

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Director - Jason Koenig
Director of Photography - Johnny Valencia
Choreographed by - Alexander Chung and Jasmine Mason

Senior Producer - Adam Bollinger
Producer - David Ledwith
Executive Producer - Ryan Huffman
Production Company - Huffman Creative
Head of Production - Katie Sarrels
Production Coordinator - Evelyn Price
Executive Assistant - Niko Vernic

Label - Interscope
Commissioner - Jared Shelton
Creative Coordinator - Ashleyn Strong

Management – Mac Reynolds & Turner Pope
Band Groomer: Luca Tullio

Director Rep - Lark Creative

Movi Operator - Ryan Haug
1st AC - Jorge Devotto Ordoñez
2nd AC - Matt Berbano
DIT - Robert Mendoza

1st AD - Clyde Goins
2nd AD - Lonnie Cayetano
2nd 2nd AD - Tiffany Turner-Dukes

VTR - Sam Baek
Playback - Dan Wally

Key Grip - Stu Brumbaugh
BBG - Anthony Sandalena
Grip - Cody Ingham
Grip - Ryan Blons
Grip Driver - Coda Abatti

Gaffer - Mickey Peterson
Programmer - Greg Loebell
BBE - Jake Ferrero
Electric - Dave Hagadorn
Electric - Tony Ortiz
Electric Driver - Armen Gurdzhyan

Production Designer - Arae Webner
Construction Foreman - Kyle Retinger
Coordinator - Michelle Hanzelova
Art Assistant - Tabitha Trosen
Art Assistant - Kory Boyer
Art Assistant - Zach Fritz
Shopper - Marlee Schneider

Set Decorator - Leanda Harley
Leadman - Darren Cantone
On Set Dresser - Jessica Perez
Set Dresser - Jason Nieblas
Set Dresser - Ashley Leung
Set Dresser - Mikey Cuellar
Set Dresser - Ben Venegas
Set Dresser - Nolan Haney
Set Dresser - Jason Smith
Scenic - Leysa Godfrey
Scenic - Louise O'Donnell
Scenic - Cheryl Bentley
SFX - Arthur Hayes

Stylist - Lisa Madonna
1st Stylist Assist - Robbie Kruczek
2nd Stylist Assist - Chauntelle Loose
Stylist PA - Keddryona "Kay" Warren
Hair Dept Head - Melissa Dominguez
1st Hair Assist - Jojo Torres
2nd Hair Assist - Daniel Urtiaga
Hair Assistant - Tiffany Fodor
Makeup Dept Head - Ally McGillicuddy
Key Makeup - Malina Stearns
Makeup - Meg Wilbur
Makeup - Kenneth Calhoun
Makeup - Edwin Monzon
Makeup - Mimi Meyer
Makeup - Brittany White
Makeup - Meagan Hester
Makeup - Bruce Spaulding Fuller
Makeup - Dave Snyder
Makeup - Lisette Santana
Makeup - Clare Mulroy

Editor - Jason Koenig
Assistant Editor - Murray Cummings
Assistant Editor - Rehman Ali
VFX - Nathan H Taylor
Colorist - Jason Koenig

Key PA - William Curry
Set PA - Jasmine Claypool
Set PA - Shaylen Haller
Set PA - Sydney Kirchoff
Set PA - Ailin Mo
Office PA - Kenzie Harr
Van PA - Myles Lazarou
Van PA - Jonathan Royster
Truck PA - David Fishman

Zombie Dancer - Jasmine A Mason
Zombie Dancer - Tyrik J Patterson
Zombie Dancer - Charissa Kroeger
Zombie Dancer - Joshua Bergner
Zombie Dancer -Hugh Aparente
Zombie Dancer - Michael Scheitzbach
Zombie Dancer - Jalen Forward
Zombie Dancer - Justine Lutz
Zombie Dancer - Trinity Inay
Zombie Dancer - Kyle Lester
Zombie Dancer - Madison Smith
Zombie Dancer - Diego Pasillas

Zombie extra - Michael Thantrong
Zombie extra - Miguel Vergara
Zombie extra- Elijah Busier
Zombie extra- Anthony Perez
Zombie extra- Tokiarisoa Mahamaro
Zombie extra- Kirah H
Zombie extra - Sélynne Silver
Zombie extra- Brittany McVicker
Zombie extra- Gabriela Kostadinova
Zombie extra- Emmanuella Wagnac

Office Worker - Mark McEachren
Office Worker - Ian Halfhill
Office Worker - Elijah Van Zanten
Office Worker - Antoine Lee
Office Worker - Rafael Puga Valega
Office Worker - Casey James Cathcart
Office Worker - Don Castor
Office Worker - Alexandra Keller
Office Worker - Alicia Amie
Office Worker - Sasha Eskildsen
Office Worker - Rachelle Adams
Office Worker - Whitney K Hall
Office Worker - Genevieve Lerner

BG Office Worker - Johnathon Williams
BG Office Worker - Kevin Godette
BG Office Worker - Jesse Vasquez
BG Office Worker - Joey Gholam
BG Office Worker - Sibar Mahmoudi
BG Office Worker - Brendan Kanoa McManus
BG Office Worker - Jasmine Quintero
BG Office Worker - Shaniece Cole
BG Office Worker - Tanya Neely
BG Office Worker - Catherine Terranova
BG Office Worker - Tokiarisoa Mahamaro

#ImagineDragons #Bones

Music video by Imagine Dragons performing Bones. © 2022 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records

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this is clever

Admin bSocial
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Valeria Andrade
367 Views · 7 months ago

El error fue tuyo y la vida es mía ...

Кристи Карамелька
7 Views · 7 months ago

девушка из тик ток

Кристи Карамелька
15 Views · 7 months ago

девушка танцует

Trupti Test
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Best Heavy Fighter in Star Citizen

2 Views · 16 days ago

This is the edification of your spirit and healings
speaking the language of the spirit to build you and restore your Destiny and strengthen you

1,637 Views · 9 months ago

⁣Do you love explosions? Do you love Michael Bay movies? Then this is the video for you! In this Starfield By Michael Bay/ Bethesda parody, we get to see explosions all over the place.

If you're a fan of Michael Bay movies and Bethesda games, then this parody is a must watch! Not only will you enjoy the explosions, but its the first video into my talk about Starfield.

Admin bSocial
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Chill Music Playlist ? Chill songs when you want to feel motivated and relaxed ~ morning songs

If you're looking for a good way to feel motivated and relax, check out this chill music playlist! This playlist features some of the best chill songs when you want to feel motivated and relaxed. Whether you're working or taking a break, this chill songs playlist will help you drift off to sleep or get in the mood for a productive day.

Whether you're looking to relax after a long day or want to get motivated for the day, this chill music playlist is the perfect choice for you! Whether you're a morning person or not so much, this chill music playlist will have you feeling the chill vibes no matter what!

? | Music provided by Epidemic Pop:

? Artwork by Sam Yang:

? Tracklist:

00:00 Don't Waste My Time - Victor Lundberg
03:13 I Did It All For You - Victor Lundberg
06:12 What Is It Like - Loving Caliber
09:31 You Set My World On Fire - Loving Caliber
12:47 Homesick - Loving Caliber
16:36 Think About You - Sture Zetterberg
19:45 Baby Bye - Vicki Vox
22:57 Without Her - Wildflowers
26:25 If You Go - Wildflowers
29:49 17 - Wildflowers
33:49 For Someone like Me - Victor Lundberg
38:07 Deep and Abiding - Victor Lundberg
41:07 Waiting down the Line - Wildflowers
44:13 How to Carry On - Wildflowers
47:33 All Those Things We Did Back Then - Wildflowers
50:45 Could Have Been Stardust - Sam Shore
53:56 Body to Body - Sture Zetterberg
57:23 Stay for a Little While - Wildflowers
1:01:19 I Don't Know You Anymore - Victor Lundberg
1:05:25 Grown Apart - Victor Lundberg
1:08:38 Come on Heartbreaker - Sture Zetterberg
1:11:47 This Poor Love Song - Sture Zetterberg
1:15:10 Be Free with Me (Acoustic Version) - Siine
1:18:15 Best Kept Secrets - Rue Rosa
1:21:42 Ever Since We Kissed - Victor Lundberg
1:25:50 True - Ten Towers
1:29:31 You Can't Control Who You Fall For - Victor Lundberg
1:33:55 Bye Bye Love - Windshield
1:37:27 Showed Me How to Heal - Victor Lundberg
1:41:32 Lines In The Sand - Victor Lundberg
1:44:52 Come Back To Love - Sture Zetterberg
1:47:50 Part Of Me Still Wants You - Sture Zetterberg
1:50:55 I'm Not over You - Victor Lundberg
1:54:47 When I Really Come Alive - Wildflowers


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